The Howling Series

The Howling Series
Everything you need to know about the Howling series

The Howling film series started with the novel The Howling by Gary Brandner published in 1977. The first film, The Howling (1981) was very loosely based on it, which angered Brandner so he made sure Dante wouldn’t come near the sequel.

What followed were 7 weird sequels, which range from “enjoyable because it’s weird” to “unwatchable garbage.” The man responsible for the worst of the lot was writer/producer/director Clive Turner, who managed to make three werewolf films that featured almost no werewolves.

My guess is if you took the werewolf scenes from parts 4-8 of the series and spliced them all together, you would have about 3 minutes of content.

What are the Howling films about?

Werewolves exist but they prefer not to be included in the films about them.

How many Howling films are there?

There are 8 Howling films in total.

When were the Howling films being made?

Between 1981 and 2011.

How are the Howling films connected?

Howling II (1985) is a direct sequel to The Howling (1981), although it features none of the same characters or actors. The other six films are connected by the idea of werewolves. I say idea because some of barely feature the creatures. The seventh one, Howling VII: New Moon Rising (1995) does a poor attempt to connect it to the previous three films.

What Howling film should I watch?

The Howling (1981) is a classic and a must-watch. I would recommend Howling II (1985) and Howling III (1987) simply because of weird they are, and if you do enjoy them, then maybe check out Howling VI: The Freaks (1991). There is no need to watch the other three of the original run, they are crap, and The Howling: Reborn (2011) isn’t much better.

Do I need to watch the Howling films in order?

There is no need to watch them in any order, or to watch them in general.