Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008) Review


Directed by Joel Soisson

Review by sbs

Released in 2008

Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008)

The film begins by teasing you with the visuals, that is, it doesn’t have that disgusting blue/green hue contrast filter that Pulse (2006) had. It doesn’t take long though to realize that Pulse 2 has something much worse to offer: most of the film appears to have been shot in front of a green screen. We are talking about The Room (2003) level green screen effects and usage. Green screen was used for the most basic of sets, like a cabin or a random room. That means that during most of the film, the characters have a weird clipping and masking effect going on. Their outlines are too straight and too sharp and the human eye notices stuff like that immediately.

I was hoping for an explanation, like “OMG we are actually just Sims in a computer game run by the ghosts!” or something, but that didn’t happen. … I think that didn’t happen. I am still not sure what the Pulse films are about. There are a lot of ghosts walking about. They are somehow connected to the computers. People turn into the black goo from The X-Files

Pulse 2: Afterlife manages somehow to be worse than the original, and of course a lot cheaper since it looks like it was shot in one green screen room with no-name actors and a terrible script. The director, Joel Soisson, went on to direct Pulse 3 (2008), which came out the same year as this one, and Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011), one of the worst Children of the Corn film. Fantastic.

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