Pulse 3 (2008) Review


Directed by Joel Soisson

Review by sbs

Released in 2008

Pulse 3 (2008)

It’s always a good sign when a film gets two direct-to-video sequels, shot back-to-back and released in the same year. It screams quality and “this film is worth watching.” This happens a lot in horror, especially when the sequels seem a bit disconnected from the earlier film (or films) and doesn’t have any of the same actors (check out the Wishmaster and The Prophecy series for examples).

Anyway, this shitty sequel takes place some years after Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008). The plague brought on by computer ghosts has destroyed most cities and now people are forced to live in front of green screens. Yeah, most of the film is shot in front of a green screen and every second of it is obvious.

Pulse 3 (2008) is about a girl who goes from the safety of her green screen town, to a desolated green screen city where she finds ghosts that have a flickering effect like in The Ring (2002). It’s poorly acted, directed and written, but its somehow a little more coherent than its predecessors. It is still shit, though.

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